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Gujrat Technical University Engineering Courses 2017-2018


About GTU:

GTU or Gujarat Technological University is an academic and research university, founded by the government of Gujarat in 2007. Since then, it has been a hub for scholars and professional education seekers from all around the country and from outside too. Their main motto is to challenge- the difficulties and change- the world by creating- new and innovative ideas in various fields offered by the university. In short time, they have achieved large, with the largest ‘International Experience Program’ in the country with the collaboration of many universities across and of US, China, Canada and Germany. With the view of complete innovation and internationalization, GTU are an emerging and enticing platform for students from everywhere to learn, create and develop which would help them throughout their careers and lives. Its official website is .

What are the various programmes held in GTU?

  1. 1.       Contributor Personality Development Program(CPDP)

The aim of this program is to give to the students a personality of a ‘Contributor’, which could mean to become a contributor of research as well as to the society and humanity. It is based upon the greatness of Swami Vivekananda, who, being an intellect was also vastly aware of the spiritual and idealistic human knowledge. The GTU give to its student the best knowledge about technological studies and this program helps in giving them the humanistic skills that are vital for long term future success. You can go on to i.e. its official website for further information.
  1. 2.       Faculty Development Training Program(FDP)

The university also comes up with workshops and seminars for the development of its faculty time to time in order to get the best out of their faculty so as to get the best out the students eventually. You can get to know more about it on about the past programs, present and the upcoming ones.

The Co-curricular Activities

·        Sports

There are many competitions held to bring out the sporting best of GTU’s students; both for men and women alike. There have been competitions of swimming, Yoga inter-zonal tournament, adventurous sports like rock climbing and games like softball, tennis, athletics and enhancement of self-defences like taekwondo and judo.

·        Cultural

Cultural activities like Youth festivals and the promotion of young spirits within the students blossoming their personalities help a lot in the future.

·        NCC

Knowledge about self-defence and army gives the youth a sense of pride and honour for the country and its wealthy heritage. GTU promotes NCC for the betterment of its students enrolled as an extra curricular activity.

You can get more information about the events and social activities in GTU on . Do not miss to check it out.

What are the courses offered at GTU?

The courses offered to students at GTU are-

v  Diploma in Engineering
v  Bachelor of Engineering(BE)
v  Master of Engineering(ME)
v  Bachelor of Pharmacy
v  Master of Pharmacy
v  Diploma in Pharmacy
v  Architecture
v  Planning
v  MBA
v  MBA(Integrated)
v  MCA
v  MCA(Integrated)
v  E-courses
 The e-courses are offered in
Ø  IP Valuation and Management (IPVM)
Ø  Certificate Course on Asian Business and Gandhian Philosophy for Managing Business (ABGP)

So which colleges are affiliated to the Gujarat Technological University?

Having perhaps gained such an enormous popularity and reputation, many colleges have sought to affiliate and coalesce with this university. Many institutions come under the university to provide best education to the students for their career and intellectual growth.
You can go on and click on the links provided to find the colleges affiliated to the respective courses under the Gujarat Technological University.

So I hope that you find this university enticing enough to pursue your or one’s higher education in research and technological concerns. Gujarat Technological University accepts the scholarly individuals be it students or aspirants for its faculty with open hands to challenge, change, and ofcourse, create. Together.    If you are looking for Diploma in Engineering courses offer by Gujrat Technical University, then  Here's we have given lists of Diploma Engineering Courses offer by Gujarat Technological University or well known as Technical University of Gujarat.

GTU Academic Year Calendar 2017-2018

GTU has a well structured and organized calendar of semesters and academic activities throughout the year.  You can go on to for the details of the academic calendar in GTU. If you’re looking for specifics, we have given to you the links for the latest academic calendars, here below-
·         Academic Calendar 2016-17 (Even term)-
·         Academic Calendar 2016-17 (Odd term)-
The calendars are revised by the official providers.

When and what are the Holidays in the calendar year 2017?

GTU is off on sufficient public holidays for the students as well as optional holidays for the government employees of Gujarat. Here is the link to the revised list for the holidays provided by the college in the year 2017-2018

Hope you found this information catchy and helpful. GTU gives to its students and faculty a well conducted academic as well as non-academic calendar.

GTU Diploma in Engineering

If you are looking for Diploma courses through GTU University, then you first know colleges of diploma engineering and should collect some more details about which are the best colleges & institutes offers those courses so that you may proceed to admission

Gujrat Technical University offers Following Diploma in Engineering courses.
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Environment Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Metallurgy Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Plastic Engineering
  • Power Electronics
  • Textile Processing Technology
  • Textile Manufacturing Technology
  • Architectural Assistantship
  • Computer Aided Costume Design & Dress Making
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Fabrication Technology
  • Printing Technology
  • Textile Designing
  • Transportation Engineering


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